How it Works

You get a free initial discovery call

An initial discovery phone session is available for all new clients to find out a little more about the needs of you and your puppy or dog and discuss your training requirements.


Scent Training is for Every Dog

By giving your dog a rewarding occupation, and letting them do what they do best..... Sniffing!

"Do you want to build on the bond between you and your dog?"

"Do you have a rescue who needs to build on their confidence?"

"Do you want to do something fun and enjoyable for you both?"

We offer training packages bespoke to you.

We cover scent identification, indication and search.

Whether you are new to scentwork or progressing on your journey, we have the package for you.

You will get a starter pack when you sign up to your first package including equipment needed to work at home.  We work within your home progresing to outdoors, and as you move forward we can add additional scents and different venues to create harder searches.  This is always based on the age, size and capabilities of the dog.

Packages start at £180

Get in touch today to arrange a discovery call!