About Ali & Nigel

We have always loved animals, especially dogs.  We have always had dogs in the home and with family growing up. We have 5 dogs, and a cat who certainly rules the crew. 

Ali set up BeKind Rescue in 2019 after a negative experience with another rescue She felt that she could make a positive difference and bring in her passion for all things 'KIND'.  Not long after she started the rescue one of her own dogs became very sensitive.  It was such a hard and stressful situation to watch her dog and to understand what was happening and knowing how to deal with situations where her dog would react badly.  Ali knew from then on that she wanted to help others and make it less stressful for other guardians.

Ali has learnt the joys and successes of positive reinforcement and how we can help our dogs by giving them continued choices and helping to train them using kindness.  Our training methods are all science based and we use treats and toys as the reinforcement for the dog learning and making good choices. 

We love to use scentwork as an outlet for all dogs, as it brings such enjoyment and can also help our sensitive dogs relax a little more.  Ali is an assured City & Guilds Detection Handler & Scent Instructor through UKCSD.   

Ali is also a certified dog trainer through the Dog Training College and IMDT.
She has her Level 4 Behaviour OCN qualification through IMDT and is currently working towards my Level 5 Behaviour with The DoGenius.

Nigel has recently joined the business to introduce Gundog training.

Over the past few years, he has been training to be a Gundog teacher and handler including specific training with the Gundog Trainers Academy which is the only Gundog training association in the country to be accredited with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council)

We cant wait to work with guardians and their dogs, seeing the positive changes and happy futures.

We offer personalised Dog Training and Walk & Train options, to help you develop with your puppy or dog to fit with your family & your lifestyle.  By showing you how to easily & effectively train them with force-free, reward-based methods.

Do you have a new puppy, rescue or over excited adolescent dog?

Here at Dog Wuf we offer a premium, exceptional service, to help give the very best long term support for you and your dog. Through our bespoke programmes and one to one training and walking programmes we get you results with the highest level of integrity.

Here is how we can help you:

Setting up for success before your new puppy or dog arrives in your home and helping them to settle in.
Build up to enjoyable walks, helping to socialise your puppy or dog safely and happily.
Helping your nervous rescue, puppy or dog to settle in to your home.
Making training enjoyable for you and your dog.
Using Scentwork to help relax and build confidence.
Using Gundog training to stimulate you dogs natural needs.